My Bloody Valentine Complete New Album

> Dec 24 2012

My Bloody Valentine Complete New Album
By Josiah HughesIn what can only be described as a shoegaze Christmas miracle, My Bloody Valentine have announced that their new album is officially complete.

Though it was initially promised for a 2012 release, the band's follow up to their 1991 classic Loveless probably won't drop before the end of the year next week.

Still, they did drop a bomb on their official Facebook page, writing, "On 21-12-12 we finished mastering the new album!"

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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The remasters that were released in 2012 were completed years before they were finally released. One of the rumors was that Kevin Shields wanted more time to rewrite the liner notes - but then the remasters were released without any new writings, so who knows what caused the delay.

So, the new album has been mastered. How many months/years will it take Shields to decide on an album title and artwork? I'll believe it when I hear it (the album, that is).
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The biggest mistake people will make is to expect another "Loveless". With high expectations, the follow up will probably be good but not great, maybe even mediocre. With MBV opening the door to an entire genre of music, there isn't anything they can do that countless shoegaze/dream-pop bands have done 20-plus years later, and are currently doing right now. Just don't expect to be blown away.
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