Mogwai to Soundtrack New 'Hudson River Project' Film

> Apr 17 2012

Mogwai to Soundtrack New 'Hudson River Project' Film
By Alex HudsonScottish post-rockers Mogwai and filmmaker/photographer Antony Crook already have a fertile creative relationship; Crook took the photos for Mogwai's 2011 album Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will, while the band lent their song "Drunk and Crazy" to the director's short film Knock for Knock. Now, they're teaming up once again.

This time, Mogwai will be scoring Crook's upcoming feature film Hudson River Project. It will follow cyclist James Bowthorpe (who also penned Knock for Knock) as he builds a boat from waste and rides it down a river. It's due to start filming in September of this year, and the movie makers are looking to raise a whopping $100,000 through Kickstarter.

The fundraising campaign page offers this description of the project: "The film follows James as he makes a boat from NYC's waste, the detritus of a modern megalopolis, and takes it to the source of the Hudson River high in the Adirondack Mountains, at Lake Tear of the Clouds. He rows the boat back to NYC, through wilderness, countryside, farms, towns and industry, all of which rely on the mighty river that flows past, all of which are threads of the river's story."

Go here if you'd like to donate. Note that part of the money will go towards paying for Mogwai to record an original soundtrack. Presuming that this film gets made as planned, Mogwai have promised to play the soundtrack during live screenings. The film is slated for a tentative May 2013 release.

The film will also spawn an "online experience" produced by Ben Tricklebank, who made Arcade Fire's interactive "The Wilderness Downtown" video.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip. Watch a trailer below via Nowness.

Hudson River Project on

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