Modernboys Moderngirls Get Set for New Album, NXNE Shows

> Jun 11 2012

Modernboys Moderngirls Get Set for New Album, NXNE Shows
By Alex HudsonWhen Modernboys Moderngirls released I Might as Well Break It in 2009, we noted that the Toronto rock outfit "remain a band with a promising future." Now they're looking to live up to that potential with a new studio album.

The band, who are now a four-piece with the addition of lead guitarist Milan Schramek, will release their album Let's Do It! on June 30. According to a press release, it's a "speaker burnin' rock'n'roll record that melds the genres of music they most love -- garage blues, soul, '50s pop, classic and '90s rock."

You can get a taste of the new album by watching a video for the single "How Am I Gonna Get It?" below. The clip for this hard-hitting tune uses masks, makeup and black lights to ghoulish effect.

Prior to the album release, Modernboys Moderngirls will play a handful shows at NXNE in Toronto. See the schedule below.

Let's Do It!:

1. How Am I Gonna Get It?

2. All I Want to Believe In

3. Slow, Happy

4. Hot Blaze of Happiness

5. Just an Afternoon (To Fall in Love)

6. Black Ocean Walk

7. Last Song the Jukebox Played

8. Good Dancing, Hard Times

9. Olive Hearts

10. The Devils We Know

Tour dates:

6/14 Toronto, ON - Analogue Gallery *
6/15 Toronto, ON - Hideout ^
6/16 Toronto, ON - Slapback Media ~

* with Topanga, Neon Windbreaker, Honheehonhee, Beekeeper
^ with Mad Ones, Boxing Lesson, Bella Clava
~ with Shellshag, Little Foot Long Foot

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