Mint Records and CiTR Rope in No Kids, Apollo Ghosts, Fine Mist for Pop Alliance Compilation

> Nov 25 2010

Mint Records and CiTR Rope in No Kids, Apollo Ghosts, Fine Mist for Pop Alliance Compilation
By Alex HudsonIf you're looking for an introduction to some of Vancouver, BC's best underground talent, this is it. The city's beloved Mint Records has teamed up with the University of British Columbia's CiTR 101.9 FM radio station to release the CiTR Pop Alliance Compilation: Vol 2, an 11-song collection that includes an impressive array of Vancouver indie acts.

Due out in January, the album features a mix of already released tracks and exclusive new material. Among the unreleased tracks are No Kids' cover of Prefab Sprout's "He'll Have to Go," Fine Mist's "I Could Shout" and Kellarissa's "Flatlands." Other bands on the compilation include Apollo Ghosts, Fanshaw and Shane Turner Overdrive.

The album was mastered by Stuart McKillop at Rain City Recorders and David Barclay of Nice Snacks designed the cover art (see above). Everyone donated their time for free and all money raised from the compilation will go to CiTR, who are currently raising funds with their Fundrive campaign.

See the tracklist below. To download the first volume of the Pop Alliance Compilation, go here. To reserve your vinyl copy of Vol 2, donate to the radio station here.

CiTR Pop Alliance Compilation: Vol 2:

1. Apollo Ghosts - "Validation!"
2. My Friend Wallis - "Hiding"
3. Slam Dunk - "Slow Dance"
4. Role Mach - "Montanna"
5. Kellarissa - "Flatlands"
6. Fine Mist (ft. Nick Krgovich) - "I Could Shout"
7. No Kids - "He'll Have to Go" (demo)
8. Fanshaw - "Diana"
9. Watermelon - "How I Came" (demo)
10. Shane Turner Overdrive - "Age 25-29 Hairline"
11. Spring Break - "Stephanie Meyer's 115th Dream"

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