Mighty Mighty Bosstones At Work On New Material

> Nov 06 2008

Mighty Mighty Bosstones At Work On New Material
By Josiah HughesBoston ska punk legends the Mighty Mighty Bosstones have revealed in a MySpace bulletin that they will be completing their eighth studio album.

While the band went through some shady times, including a two-year hiatus, following the aftermath of ska punk’s drastic decline in popularity, the band reunited late last year for a handful of live shows. From there, things have blossomed to the point where they’re making music again.

In the blog, the band revealed their plans, stating, "Lately we have been busy writing and recording music for a new MMB record. Two of the songs, ‘Impossible Dream’ and ‘Next To Nothing,’ will be released next month on a limited edition seven-inch on our Big Rig Records (500 on black, 500 on white). We added these two songs to the player TONIGHT in order to commemorate and celebrate this historic election. Enjoy!”

An album is expected for 2009. For now, the songs can be streamed at their MySpace page.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones "The Impression That I Get”
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