Members of Peter Bjorn and John, Teddybears to Release Debut Album as Smile

> May 14 2012

Members of Peter Bjorn and John, Teddybears to Release Debut Album as Smile
By Alex HudsonAnyone with even a passing interest in Swedish pop will likely be familiar with Peter Bjorn and John and Teddybears, and now members of the two groups have joined forces to form Smile. This new outfit features Bj÷rn Yttling and Joakim ┼hlund, who will release their album A Flash in the Night on May 29 through the recently launched label Ingrid.

Judging by the press release, Smile looks to be a little closer to Teddybears' electro-oriented sound than Peter Bjorn and John's pop rock leanings. A Flash in the Night is said to be "fully loaded with electro-focused pop tracks, many instrumental and constructed around addictive synth. The vocals that are offered are artfully sparse."

It contains songs that are described as "retro future-synth," "dream-pop" and "hazy and nostalgic." For a sample of what the band have to offer, listen to the aggressively synth-driven "Clean Gloves, Dirty Hands" below, or the more sunny "From Time to Time" over at Stereogum.

A Flash in the Night:

1. Jeans Team
2. Satellite Blues
3. Clean Gloves, Dirty Hands
4. Jean Michel
5. Eating Dirt
6. Med Hopp Om Battring
7. Second Hand Smoke
8. From Time To Time
9. School. Work. Dead
10. Have Some Fun Tonight
11. Have Some Fun Tonight
12. Crooked
13. Rescue Dog
14. A Flash in the Night

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