Members of Fucked Up, Gallows, Tokyo Police Club to Play Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" 144 Times in a Row

> Sep 12 2011

Members of Fucked Up, Gallows, Tokyo Police Club to Play Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" 144 Times in a Row
By Gregory AdamsToronto-area musicians are looking to top that giant Nevermind box set and Kurt Cobain-themed Fender Jaguar in terms of the coolest tribute to Nirvana this fall with an extended, all-night jam session on the group's breakthrough single, "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

A number of Ontario rockers will get together at the Toronto Underground Cinema to perform Nirvana's chart-topping anthem a whopping 144 times in a row. The October 1 performance, titled A Brief History Of Rebellion, will feature a rotating cast of musicians, including members of Tokyo Police Club, Fucked Up, Woodhands, Gallows, One Hundred Dollars, the Flatliners and Junior Battles, as well as Buck 65, D-Sisive. Even more musicians will be announced in the coming weeks.

If you're feeling up to it, audience members are also being encouraged to participate in the toast to the grunge tune. "Lyrics will be provided," a statement explains, "but no one will need them."

A Brief History Of Rebellion, which is being presented by Juicebox, runs as part of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, a series of all-night events taking place throughout Toronto on October 1 to celebrate the arts.

UPDATE: The entire event will be streamed live on AUX and the Toronto Star.

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This sounds like a fucking HORRIBLE idea.
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-member of fucked up
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From someone helping put this together...

1. The thing is... you're not exactly wrong.
2. Ha, sorry, and Damian.
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Gonna have to PASS on that one. FAIL.
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This is amazing.
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Headline should read : "Mishmash of musicians from crappy bands converge to play crappy song made famous by the crappiest band"
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This is kind of a flimsy idea, and representative of the kind of "stunt art" that is usually the weakest and least affecting of the works featured during the event. Once you read the artist statement on Nuit Blanche's website, it becomes apparent that even the people responsible for this don't even take it seriously. Sam Sutherland and the his Juicebox crew are producing a put-on of the highest order, but is it really art? Not sure. But I will spend my time seeking out works that aren't simply trying to do something ridiculous, as their statement says.

That being said, if you think that this is some deliberate attempt to subvert or highlight the absurdity of the event or art itself (like the Dada or Fluxus movements), then maybe this is a very effective piece. But it seems like more of a stunt.
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It should be called, "A Brief History of Redundancy" and warn people that they might overdose on a song that was once the most overplayed song since that Surfari's song "Wipe Out" back in 1963. And that none will have the talent or voices to actually COMMIT to this awesome disaster that you'd have to be so gone on drugs that you could withstand it.
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This sounds like it would get really boring really fast.
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This rules. Bathe in the absurdity of it. What's more stale than someone who takes himself/herself too seriously? That, is fucking boring. Plus, it's not like anyone hasn't listened to that song 144 times in a row. Thumbs up.
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this is going to be like when that band Pop-O-Pies would play Grateful Dead's 'Truckin'" over and over and over at their shows until everyone walked out.
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Kurt would hate this....they have so many other great songs. Kinda sad really.
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smells like a lot of people take both Nirvana and Nuit Blanche too seriously. this is going to be hilarious (although potentially bordering on torture for the backing band)
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Yeah just add this to the list of things Fucked Up do to garner media attention. Nobody would give a shit if they weren't involved. This isn't art, it's a media stunt. Everyone will be drunk, and hardly anyone will stay for the whole thing.
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why would anyone stay for the entire thing? It's meant as something to come in and look at, like every other exhibit for Nuit Blanche. Lighten up bro, why everyone be mad?
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this is fucking dumb. thats all anyone should say.
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you haters are gay, and not the i take it in the ass gay.
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