Maxmillion Dunbar Enters 'House of Woo' for RVNG Intl.

> Nov 16 2012

Maxmillion Dunbar Enters 'House of Woo' for RVNG Intl.
By Josiah HughesWhen he's not making music as one half of Beautiful Swimmers, electro dude Maxmillion Dunbar dabbles in some solo work. After issuing Cool Water in 2010, the artist has signed with RVNG Intl. for a new release.

Called House of Woo, the album features 11 brand new compositions from the composer. In a press release, Max D explained, "I make a lot of tracks by sticking on a loop forever, letting it live and breathe as long as it needs to. I keep all of the pieces I'm working on balanced, floating in the air. If it doesn't take minutes to stand up, it takes weeks."

RVNG Intl. will release House of Woo on February 18 as a double LP, CD and digital download. The label will precede the release with the Woo 12-inch, which features the title track along with non-album bangers "The Drift" and "Shampoo," on November 19.

For now, you can stream "Woo" below.

House of Woo:

1. Slave To The Vibe
2. Woo
3. Coins For The Canopy
4. The Figurine (Nod Mix)
5. Inca Tags
6. For Mozy
7. Ice Room Graffiti
8. Peeling An Orange In One Piece
9. Loving The Drift
10. World Taste Sweet (Stuck In The Middle)
11. Kangaroo

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