Maestro Fresh Wes Gets Classified, the Trews, Rich Kidd for 'Black Tuxedo' EP, Reveals New Album Plans

> Sep 17 2012

Maestro Fresh Wes Gets Classified, the Trews, Rich Kidd for 'Black Tuxedo' EP, Reveals New Album Plans
By Gregory AdamsIt's been 12 years since Canadian hip-hop pioneer Maestro Fresh Wes delivered his last full-length, Ever Since, but the rapper is about to hit us up with both an EP and a full-length album. First up is the mini-effort Black Tuxedo, which drops tomorrow (September 18). As you can see by the artwork up above, the dude has gone back to his full moniker, after having truncated his name to solely "Maestro" in recent years.

The EP finds the "Godfather of Canadian Hip-Hop" throwing down on five cuts, which feature production from Classified, Rich Kidd, Vago and Rezza Brothers. The record also finds Maestro backed by Canuck rock troupe the Trews on "I Wanna Know."

You can sample the self-sampling, career-referencing title cut down below.

In other news, the EP is meant to tease an upcoming full-length titled Orchestrated Noise, which is expected to drop sometime in 2013. Not many details have been dished out beyond that, but you can catch a recent a cappella performance of album track "Black Trudeau (Rap Prime Minister)," as performed on stage with Public Enemy and Michie Mee, down below. The song features rhymes referencing Drake, Kardinal Offishall, Rakim, Prime Minister Steven Harper and Toronto mayor Rob Ford, among others.

Black Tuxedo:

1. Too Melodic (ft. Suzka, prod. by Vago)
2. Black Tuxedo (prod. by Rezza Brothers)
3. Reach For The Sky (ft. and prod. by Classified)
4. I Wanna Know (ft. the Trews, prod. by Rich Kidd)
5. Black Tuxedo (radio version)

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