Lullabye Arkestra Gear Up for Cross-Canada Tour, Release Free EP

> Feb 10 2010

Lullabye Arkestra Gear Up for Cross-Canada Tour, Release Free EP
By Keith CarmanWant to see a hot couple getting all sweaty together? Witness some flesh flailing about with reckless abandon? Hear some ungodly bellows belted out in the heat of passion? You're in luck, though it's not what you're probably hoping for.

We're talking about how noisy Toronto, ON-based rock duo Lullabye Arkestra are about to hit your town. Made up of drummer Justin Small and bassist/vocalist Kat Taylor-Small, this wailin', rockin' combo will finally be smashing their way across the country in support of latest album and Vice Records debut, Threats/Worship.

This comes on the heels of a massively successful Stateside stint with fellow Vice-based rockers Pierced Arrows, who feature two members of renowned garage punk outfit Dead Moon.

In celebration of their touring activities, Lullabye Arkestra have released a new three-song EP, which "presents a sonic affront that veers alternately from a punk'n'roll swagger to a dirge-infested bludgeoning," says the PR. To download it for the price of free, click here

Tour dates:

4/3 Vancouver, BC - Biltmore
4/6 Edmonton, AB - Brixx
4/7 Calgary, AB - Republik
4/8 Regina, SK -€“ Exchange
4/9 Winnipeg, MB -€“ Royal Albert
4/14 Hamilton, ON - Casbah
4/15 St. Catharines, ON - L3
4/16 Toronto, ON -€“ The Garrsion
4/17 London, ON -€“ Call The Office
4/28 Peterborough, ON -€“ Red Dog Tavern
4/29 Montreal, QC -€“ Casa Del Popolo
4/30 Ottawa, ON -€“ Cafe Dekcuf
5/1 Kingston, ON - AKA

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