Liberal Campaign Strategist Warren Kinsella Releases Album with Punk Band Shit From Hell

> Mar 28 2012

Liberal Campaign Strategist Warren Kinsella Releases Album with Punk Band Shit From Hell
By Alex HudsonPoliticians and punk rockers don't usually see eye to eye, but in the case of Warren Kinsella, that's not really the case. The political spin doctor, who has worked in Liberal Party war rooms and even ran as a Liberal candidate in North Vancouver in 1997, is a member of the punk band Shit From Hell, with whom he plays bass and sings under the name Winkie.

Today (March 27), the band -- also featuring Rolf Dinsdale (aka Ritalin Boy ), Derek Raymaker (aka The Rayman) and David Shiller (aka Davey Snot) -- released their latest album, Why Do You Hate Me? It will be getting official distribution through Sudden Death/Universal, but in the meantime, it's available from Bandcamp (and streaming at the bottom of the page), where you can buy it on limited-edition vinyl and digitally.

With song titles like "F**k Buddy," "Jesus Got Wood" and "Horny Single Mom," we can't help but wonder what Kinsella's Liberal Party buddies think about all this -- and whether they're laughing about the anti-Ontario tune "Onterrible" (which includes lines about "Moronto").

Making this story even more bizarre is the fact that singer-guitarist Rolf Dinsdale is undergoing heart surgery the day after the March 28 release party at Toronto's Bovine Sex Club (that is, March 29). We wish him a speedy recovery.

Why Do You Hate Me?:

1. The Truth
2. F**k Buddy
3. Rate Me
4. These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
5. Great Man
6. The Modern Age
7. Jesus Got Wood
8. Onterrible
9. Horny Single Mom
10. Super Poke
11. Happy Song Dub
12. Double Bubble Trouble

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Hey Alex - thanks for the write-up.

To assist political and cultural historians, we can confirm that 'Onterrible' is our attempt to summarize Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak's views on Ontario (generally) and Toronto (in particular). Like Stephen Harper and Canada, SFH takes the position that Hudak hates the place he wants to govern. It's a psychosis unique to conservatives.

Hope to se you at the show tonight. If Rolf cacks out, there won't be any more!
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