Lady Gaga, Metric and Phoenix Take the Top Pop Rocks Album Spots in Exclaim!'s 2009 Readers Poll

> Jan 26 2010

Lady Gaga, Metric and Phoenix Take the Top Pop Rocks Album Spots in Exclaim!'s 2009 Readers Poll
By Exclaim! StaffExclaim! Readers' Top Pop Rocks Albums of 2009:

1. Lady Gaga
2. Metric
3. Phoenix
4. Animal Collective
5. Grizzly Bear
6. Them Crooked Vultures
7. U2
8. Joel Plaskett
9. Wilco
10. The XX

1. Lady Gaga The Fame Monster (Interscope)

"Good driving music. Also, she's unstoppable right now performance-wise. What a girl. Love + respect her."
Lucas Renaud, Montreal, QC

"I don't give a fuck if it makes me look like some mainstream sheep, this album is fucking GREAT!"
Nick Green, Waterloo, ON

"Not only is the music great, but you get the most for your money since she included her previous recordings in this album as well."
Nicole Shaver, Ottawa, ON

"Lady Gaga has come on the scene and reinvented pop. It is so refreshing to see someone not only bring life with their music but with their fashion sense and sheer ability to entertain every sense!"
Sharleen Nielsen, Halifax, NS

"A good follow-up to her first CD, this CD brings in a few different styles of songs as well as her usual party anthems."
Christianne Mace, Oakville, ON

2. Metric Fantasies (Last Gang)

"An album to play from start to finish without skipping any tracks. A nice addition to the Metric collection."
Harrison Fine, Toronto, ON

"I hate to admit it, but pop trio Metric has won me over with their 2009 release aptly named Fantasies. I have to admit I was hooked when I heard the sneak peak single 'Help I'm Alive' in late 2008, and like many many Torontonians rushed to buy their album. What I got was surprising. They grew up! Gone are the days of their punk-based pop anthems like 'Monster Hospital' but that leaves room for a more mature electro/pop feel as seen in 'Help I'm Alive.' I really really dig this album and I'm especially glad that Emily Haynes is at least attempting to write about something not totally melancholic. Hats off boys... and girl."
Ryan Burton, Toronto, ON

"Metric's always been fun and interesting, but it didn't snap into sharp focus until Fantasies, which is deeper, groovier and more cohesive than their previous uneven efforts. Even when Emily Haines sings a shock-value line like 'I heard you fuck through the wall,' she's sure to follow it with an open-heart lyric like 'If somebody's got soul, you've gotta make the move.' Fantasies = fantastic."
Tara Thorne, Halifax, NS

"Nice evolution in Metric's sound, really catchy and smart."
Julie-Anne, Fredericton, NB

"Really catchy stuff... liked the avant-garde-ness of Old World Underground and even Live It Out, but this album is very danceable."
Nam-An Dinh, Mississauga, ON

"Couldn't call myself a fan before this album, but after not being able to take my finger off the repeat button for several tracks, I am now."
Jenny Boulger, Toronto, ON

3. Phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Glass Note)

"Basically just a great pop record. In an alternate world this could be topping the charts and blasting out of every radio station. It was still an indie smash but probably could have been bigger. There were numerous songs catchy enough to be singles and the one's that actually were singles were some of the best pop tunes of the decade. I've been following this band since United and I have to say that their last couple albums were straying off course to my ears and I am grateful to know that they were building to this."
Daric Harrison, Calgary, AB

"This album is so lovely and catchy. Biking down queen street listening to 'Girlfriend' all summer was defiantly a highlight of the year."
Tess Roby, Toronto, ON

"After years of quality records, Phoenix have perfected their pop formula. Their success has been hard earned and is well deserved."
Michael Sallot, Montreal, QC

"For a band that has been around, regularly touring and producing albums since 2000, Phoenix has never managed to get a whole lot of recognition. That however, is something rapidly changing with the release of their new album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. In a similar vein to their 2006 album It's Never Been Like That, their new work emphasizes their unique sound that has, after years of effort, finally paid off for them."
Alex Carter, Toronto, ON

"'This album is AMAZING, the great thing about it is that not one single song is a filler song."
Neena Sharma, Ajax, ON

"'I'm an old man who doesn't know too much about the kids and their music these days, but I sure enjoyed that 'Lisztomania' as well as that '1901.' The world hasn't heard a one two punch like that since Tone Loc followed up 'Wild Thing' with a little track called 'Funky Cold Medina.'"
Pat Morgan, Toronto, ON
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