Kyprios Wins $100,500 in Vancouver's Peak Performance Project

> Nov 19 2010

Kyprios Wins $100,500 in Vancouver's Peak Performance Project
By Alex HudsonBattle of the bands competitions don't get much bigger than the Peak Performance Project. Hosted by Vancouver's Peak 100.5 FM, the contest has lasted for six months, resulting in buzz-worthy collaborations and prolific songwriting retreats. Last night (November 18), the finals took place at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, with rapper Kyprios claiming first prize.

The MC, known as a member of Sweatshop Union, won a staggering $100,500, beating out the second place Said the Whale (who won $75,000) and the third place Vince Vaccaro (who won $50,000).

The atmosphere in the Commodore was buzzing, and all three artists earned massive crowd reactions.

Vince Vacarro began the night with a selection of poppy reggae rock tunes, throwing in a cover of the R&B classic "Stand By Me." Next up, Said the Whale played a set of upbeat pop rock, bringing up dozens of fellow Peak Performance Project participants on stage for the jokey "We Are the Music: Musicians for (Spare) Change." Kyprios wrapped up the night with his funky hip-hop stylings, and he was backed by a massive live band that included horn players and a DJ.

Following the performance, massive novelty cheques were handed out to the winners as the stage and audience were showered in confetti.

This was the second year of the annual Peak Performance Project. Last year, Kelowna-based prog pop outfit We Are the City took home top honours, beating out runners-up the Left and Bend Sinister.

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What a rad contest! I was really rooting for Said the Whale because there such an awesome band, on stage and off. Kyprios won the panel judges while I think said the whale won the peoples choice. congrats to everyone!
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dunno bro i was at the show as well and i think kyprios had more of the crowd into his performance... nothing against said the whale they were great to.. but talent wise i think kyprios blew the competition away... it was a great evening for all the top 20 artists that were there.. just felt like said the whale had more of their 'followers' there and had awesome support.. but kyprios won over the neutral crowd
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