Kool Keith Announces Retirement from Rap with 'Love & Danger'

> Apr 03 2012

Kool Keith Announces Retirement from Rap with 'Love & Danger'
By Alex HudsonKool Keith has been in the rap game since the '80s, but he's now reportedly planning on making his exit from the business. Before he does that, however, he'll be releasing one more album. Entitled Love & Danger, it will be out on June 5 via Junkadelic/Fat Beats.

The album's last track is called "Goodbye Rap," and it apparently acts as his farewell to the music biz. In a statement, Keith said, "This is probably my last project. You just got the last of the vocals of me. I'm quitting the game. Goodbye, rap."

It remains to be seen whether Kool Keith will keep his word, since he would hardly be the first MC to retire and then return (right, Jay-Z?). And his use of the word "probably" means that the future's still open.

Whatever the case may be, Love & Danger was produced by DJ Junkaz Lou.

"The Love & Danger album was a chance for me to be myself and do different things," Keith said. "It was me going through all kinds of temperatures -- my highest of coldness to my highest of hotness, which is a lot like love and danger."

Watch the video for album track "New York" below.

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