Klaxons to Donate Mercury Prize Money to Sci-fi Charities or Mums, Reveal Plans for Next Record

> Sep 06 2007

Klaxons to Donate Mercury Prize Money to Sci-fi Charities or Mums, Reveal Plans for Next Record
By Cam LindsayKlaxons have announced they'll be donating their Ł20,000 winnings from the Mercury Music Prize to a "sci-fi charity." Or their mums. One or the other, possibly both.

According to British newspaper The Sun, guitarist Simon Taylor admitted: "We want to give the money to charity, but something that interests us where they struggle to get donations. Our album is devilled in sci-fi so we want something more abstract - like advances in telepathy or a new age science."

Taylor's comment reeks of cheeky sarcasm, and not even because he's talking about giving it to organisations that sport tin-foil hats.

No, the NME is reporting that keyboardist James Righton has given a much more sensible story to XFM, saying: "I'm gonna give the award to my Mum," he explained. "She deserves it more than anyone and this is all for her because she always had faith, always knew this was gonna happen."

Righton also went on to reveal more details about the follow-up to their Mercury Prize winning album, Myths of the Near Future. "We've got about two weeks off to write and maybe demo some stuff and then we're off around the world for three months," he explained. "We've got a few ideas for the new record. We're going to make a swollen pop record, something that's swollen, more pop, more heavier, and more everything. It's not about 'now we've won this we change anything', we just keep on doing what we're doing."

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