Kid Cudi Launches Twitter Tirade Against His "Weak Ass Label" for Poor Handling of WZRD Album

> Feb 28 2012

Kid Cudi Launches Twitter Tirade Against His "Weak Ass Label" for Poor Handling of WZRD Album
By Alex HudsonWZRD only just put out their self-titled debut LP today (February 28), but Kid Cudi is already pissed off at how his record label has handled the album's release. This afternoon, the rapper took to Twitter and launched tired against Universal Republic, claiming that the label isn't giving the album the support it deserves.

"Ok so just a heads up, my weak ass label only shipped 55k physicals cuz they treated this like some indie side project tax right off," he began. "So i apologize on behalf of my weak ass major label. And I apologize for the lack of promo, again, my weak ass major label... They tried to rush me thru this so i can just give em another MOTM, but guess what? Fuck that, next album is WZRD. MOTM3 on hold til 2014.

"I gotta go out and find one too, becuz my weak ass label never even gave us a copy of our own album. FAIL!!!... Im lettin Universal Republic have it, fuck it. What they gon' do, spank me??"

He also unconvincingly interjected, "who mad??? not me and @DotDaGenius :)". He sounds pretty mad to us.

Cudi's hilarious rampage also included this colourful response to critics: "When someone goes out their way to tweet you some hate, they love your cock. In or around their mouth. My mushroom tip, full on. haha."

He also took to his blog to post a picture of his gory new tattoo of slit wrists. And seriously, it hurts just looking at it.

As previously reported, WZRD have already announced their intentions to release a new EP in the coming months, though maybe now they'll be looking for another label.

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Kudi dropped his WZRD full length???
who knew?
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