Kevin Drew Weighs In on Controversy Surrounding Broken Social Scene's "Sweetest Kill" Video

> Aug 04 2011

Kevin Drew Weighs In on Controversy Surrounding Broken Social Scene's "Sweetest Kill" Video
By Alex HudsonBack in June, Broken Social Scene unveiled a shockingly violent clip for the Forgiveness Rock Record cut "Sweetest Kill." The video, which shows actress Bijou Phillips graphically dismembering a lover with an axe, incited controversy when BSS member Andrew Whiteman recently said the video was "fucking literalist bullshit." Now, band leader Kevin Drew has spoken out in support of the clip.

In an interview with MTV News Canada, Drew said, "When this controversy went out and [director] Claire [Edmonson] sort of got hung out to dry by our camp -- that's not our camp. Andrew's entitled to his opinions. He plays guitar with us, I love him like a brother, but he was wrong to do that publicly. He knows it. We know it. We've hugged it out with Claire."

He added that the video is "100 percent backed by myself and by [drummer Justin] Peroff, and as we showed the band, some were into it, some weren't, but that's what happens."

As for why the entire group didn't have input from the beginning, Drew explained, "We didn't have time to go with our own vision, and a lot of guys from the band were upset about that."

See the interview with Drew below. Scroll past that to see the clip that started this mess, but be forewarned -- it's kind of gross.


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Awesome - a music video depicting a graphic display of violence for seemingly no other reason than entertainment. Still think BSS are progressive?
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not sure what progression you speak of.
There is an art to this video.
A beauty.
As a women i do not find this entertaining,
I find it moving.
This is not a progressive video that the band made.
This is a video that the band backed.
Perhaps you should go achieve something that others talk about outside of your Bruce Willis world.
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This video made me want to puke!!!
But i agree...
progressive is not a word that many use these days.
I understand its art.
If you look around at some recent videos that came out with women vs their men then you'll see this director was the only one who went for it!!
Best Coast is bubble gum compared to this
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Whats with BSS and progressive??
I thought they were a band.
Someone please name a progressive band for me??
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A graphic display of violence is PRIMETIME every night on television!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You want to call out this music video??
This is a beautiful video.
This is a gross video.
The fact that no women was harmed during the course of this video is what makes it progressive.
I would show this to my daughter before CSI any day.
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I didn't like this video but i do agree that the violence in the video is nothing compared to what is out there on television.
I can see the art aspect to it.
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The director knew what she was doing. I have heard more about this video then any other video in quite sometime.
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I have to agree with Mr. Whiteman. I don't find anything beautiful or artistic about this video. On the other hand controversy = publicity so good for BSS. At least the song is pretty good.
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The song is the best. The video is a bit much but im not sure how you can't find anything artistic about it.
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THE VIDEO IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Women need to kill more. The world would be safer for it. I say kill all the mammas boys. Bury them with all the time they have wasted of ours. I love this video.
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KD is a doofus. The band's music is boring, full of empty lyrics that say nothing. They compensate for this fact with a shock-value video.
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The lyrics are rich with meaning. The comments above must come from a place of having nothing. Go post more negative shit so no one can care about you even more. This video is not shock value. This video has more meaning than most that have come out in the last few years. You people who think this is shock value are part of the DORITOS tribe of living. Look at one layer and move on. Perhaps you should spend more time in front of a mirror then your computer to get some real shock value. My girlfriend and I love this song. We played at our wedding. There was nothing shocking about it.
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I just watched this for the first time. I really like it. I think the video is really well done and works with the song
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The song is good. The video is ok. Wouldn't show it to my daughter like someone said above but I wouldn't show her the 5 o'clock news either... which is all neither here nor there. However, it is art and anyone that disagrees is just not into it/finds it grotesque as opposed to coming up with a valid reason/arguement as to why it isn't art (which would be very hard to do). That said, I wonder if BSS has much else to do after Forgiveness Rock Record.
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The song is so subtle, soft and mesmerizing, as the beginning of the video is with the soft hues of the lighting and Phillips' white dress. Then all of a sudden you get the shock of violence and death that is so disturbing you can barely even glimpse, but yet the music is still soft and playing on. It is only until she is out burying his limbs in the yard that the mood is set back to how it is in the beginning of the video, yet the viewer is so shocked by the act that the softness of the scene is now uncomprehendable. The best is the moonlight with the white roses, which symbolize purity, yet she is doing one of the most horrific acts a human being can commit. I don't know, just my take on it and why I enjoyed the video so much, but if you think about it, I think it makes sense. Great job Claire :)
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