Karkwa Plot Live Album, Announce Hiatus

> Dec 14 2011

Karkwa Plot Live Album, Announce Hiatus
By Alex HudsonIn 2010, Karkwa won over a host of new followers when they took home the prestigious Polaris Music Prize for best Canadian album with Les Chemins de Verre. Well, Karkwa fans, we've got some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that the band will be releasing a new double-disc live album in 2012; the bad news is that this will coincide with a hiatus.

We don't yet have all the details of the live album, but we know that it was recorded at L'Imperial in Quebec City on November 26. The band's show at Metropolis in Montreal on Saturday (December 17) will also be recorded for the live collection. A press release notes that the record will include "a handful of brand new songs which were never previously recorded by Karkwa."

In other new release information, Karkwa just rolled out a new track called "La Vague Perdue." It comes from the film La Peur de L'eau, due out in Quebec on January 27. You can stream it below. Scroll past that to see a new video for the single "28 Jours" from the Polaris-winning Les Chemins de Verre (which just got certified gold, representing 40,000 albums sold in Canada).

Now for that bad news we were talking about. The outfit's Montreal show this weekend "marks the start of a well-earned band hiatus." There's no word as to how long they'll be gone for, but this probably means we won't see the official follow-up to Les Chemins de Verre anytime soon.

Karkwa - 28 Jours- from OUTAN collectif medias on Vimeo.

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