Kardinal Offishall Joins Universal's A&R Team as Creative Executive Director

> Dec 16 2013

Kardinal Offishall Joins Universal's A&R Team as Creative Executive Director
By Alex HudsonKardinal Offishall has been on the Canadian rap scene for well over a decade, and now he's going to be able to put all that experience to good use with his new job as creative executive director for Universal Music Canada's A&R team.

The MC, whose real name is Jason D. Harrow, will be joining the team whose job is to discover, develop and nature up-and-coming Canadian artists. He'll be working directly below Universal Music Canada CEO Randy Lennox.

"As someone whose patriotism was evident from my first major release, the opportunity to join forces with the most powerful team in the country was one I couldn't pass up," said Offishall in a statement. "I look forward to engaging the country and the world in new sounds, new artists, and new ways to build upon Canada's very impressive legacy. Randy Lennox is a Canadian icon, and I'm honoured to contribute to the movement he has put in motion."

This means that any new Canadian bands that sign with Universal could find themselves working with Offishall.

It's not entirely clear, however, what impact the rapper's new job will have on his solo career. His most recent official album, Not 4 Sale, came out way back in 2008. In 2012, he released a collaborative mixtape called Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself with Nottz Raw. His long-promised Mr. International still hasn't emerged.

Offishall will host his annual holiday party at Musik in Toronto on December 19. The show is in support of Free the Children.

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Canadian Record Companies keep pushing their Artists away to other countries or someone's husband has to take the lead and move them into stardom (Shania Twain & Mutt Lange) (Celine Dione & her husband) because in Canada the Music Industries do not promote or push artistic talents to the limits.

The Music Industries in Canada fail the Artists. On a percentage basis with 30 Million plus people it is a very small percentage that makes it into the Music Industries. We have great talent in Canada
but the Music Industries act as a barrier for the Artists instead of Promoters.

Paul Anka and others left for a reason because Canadians do not appreciate their own home grown talent and that is a fact.

It ends up being a big loss for Canada and a benefit for another Country who welcomes and appreciates that Talent.
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