Kanye West Wants You to Pay $120 for Plain T-Shirt

> Jul 15 2013

Kanye West Wants You to Pay $120 for Plain T-Shirt
By Alex HudsonOver the weekend, Kanye West released his clothing line with French fashion label A.P.C., and while the collection's minimal appearance comes as no surprise, we can't help but be taken aback by how insanely expensive it is.

Take, for example, the so-called "Hip Hop T-Shirt." This is a plain T-shirt, available in black or white, which will set you back $120. The basic-looking jeans — available in dark blue or faded blue — are $265 a pair. Then there are the hoodies; a short-sleeved grey sweatshirt costs $250, while the long-sleeved versions (in navy or dark navy) are $280.

Browse the fashion line here. For those doing the math, it will cost you $465 to put together ensemble with jeans, a T-shirt and a hoodie.

Then again, A.P.C. is never cheap, and the cost of the line is chump change for anyone who bought Kanye's Air Yeezy 2 sneakers on eBay.

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Has to save up for that Child Support!
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i'll buy & re-sell it to a sucker
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Acually for those doing the math it would cost more then 465 to put together an ensemble of all three.
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It's $120 to buy it, its another $900 to fill out the order form.
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Who designed these? Seamless.
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so pretentious.
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