Mogwai Detail Remix Comp Featuring Tim Hecker, Justin K. Broadrick, Umberto

> Oct 05 2012

Mogwai Detail Remix Comp Featuring Tim Hecker, Justin K. Broadrick, Umberto
By Josiah HughesIt must be remix season. After Domino announced its remix collection yesterday (October 5), the label's indie rock peers Sub Pop have revealed the details of the previously teased remix collection reworking the music of Scottish post-rock greats Mogwai.

The 10-song collection is called A Wretched Virile Lore, and focuses in on remixes of the band's last LP Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will.

As previously reported, among those contributing their rework efforts are Justin K. Broadrick (of Jesu and Godflesh), Xander Harris, Zombi, Tim Hecker, Umberto and others.

Sub Pop will issue A Wretched Virile Lore as a limited vinyl release on November 23, with digital and CD editions to follow on December 4. Europeans will get the release via Mogwai's own Rock Action imprint on November 19.

The album's tracklisting is available below along with Broadrick's remix of "George Square Thatcher Death Party."

A Wretched Virile Lore:

1. Justin K. Broadrick "George Square Thatcher Death Party"
2. Klad Hest "Rano Pano"
3. Cyclob "White Noise"
4. Xander Harris "How to Be a Werewolf"
5. Zombi "Letters to the Metro"
6. RM Hubbert "Mexican Grand Prix"
7. Tim Hecker "Rano Pano"
8. The Soft Moon "San Pedro"
9. Umberto "Too Raging to Cheers"
10. Robert Hampson "La Mort Blanche"

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