Justice to Release New Live Album?

> Nov 08 2012

Justice to Release New Live Album?
By Gregory AdamsIn case you missed out on French electronic duo Justice's run of concert dates behind last year's Audio, Video, Disco, you may soon be able to session a recent live show on your home stereo. Rumours are swirling that Justice recorded a live album on the tour and may have a concert set out before the end of the year.

A listing on France's Amazon page claims that a new record called Access All Arenas will arrive on December 10 via Because Music, but not much other info is offered up beyond that. There is no tracklisting or details as to where the album was captured. Plus, the band have yet to announce plans for the album, so take the news with a grain of salt.

The unofficial info isn't being passed off as a hoax just yet, though. According to Mixmag, an official source claims the December 10 target is a "provisional date," and that neither audio content nor artwork has been finalized for the project. In other words, the wheels seem to be in motion for the project, but likely not as soon as fans were hoping.

If released, All Access Arenas will be Justice's second live album, following 2008's A Cross the Universe.

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