Joel Plaskett's Announces 'Scrappy Happiness' LP, Canadian Tour with Frank Turner

> Jan 06 2012

Joel Plaskett's Announces 'Scrappy Happiness' LP, Canadian Tour with Frank Turner
By Alex HudsonEarlier this week, when word spread that Joel Plaskett would be touring Canada this spring, the singer posted a mysterious image on his website with a picture of a monkey and the words "Scrappy Happiness" (see above). At the time, some speculated that this meant more tour dates, or possible a series of singles. Now, the singer has officially announced plans to gradually roll out a new LP, which is called -- you guessed it -- Scrappy Happiness.

Beginning on Tuesday (January 10), Plaskett and his band will record and digitally release a new song. This will continue every week for ten weeks before wrapping up on March 13, with new songs premiering on CBC Radio 2 Drive with Rich Terfry. Each tune will be made available on iTunes as it's finished.

Once the song-a-week release program is complete, Plaskett will drop physical versions of Scrappy Happiness on March 27 via MapleMusic Recordings. Until then, Plaskett will document the process via tweets, vlogs, and chats over at

So why the strange release plan? A press release notes, "Plaskett is shaking up the standard process of recording and releasing, harkening back to the '50's and '60's when songs went from the studio to radio to the public very quickly."

Plaskett has also added a couple of extra dates to his spring tour and has announced Frank Turner as a guest for much of the outing. See the updated schedule below.

Tour dates:

4/13 Victoria, BC - Alix Goolden
4/14 Vancouver, BC - Vogue Theatre
4/16 Banff, AB - Banff Centre
4/18 Calgary, AB - MacEwan Hall *
4/19 Edmonton, AB - Winspear Centre *
4/20 Saskatoon, SK - U of Sasks, Louis Pub *
4/21 Winnipeg, MB - Garrick Centre *
4/25 Montreal, QC - Corona Theatre *
4/26 Ottawa, ON - Bronson Centre *
4/27 St Catharines, ON - Brock Centre for the Arts *
5/18 Toronto, ON - Queen Elizabeth Theatre *
5/19 Toronto, ON - Queen Elizabeth Theatre *

* with Frank Turner

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So, he's essentially doing what the Smashing Pumpkins have been doing for the past year, except he's charging for the digital tracks.
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GAH! No Frank Turner and Plaskett in Halifax?!
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There is a large gap between Kingston and the Toronto dates. More shows better be added. This is a dream lineup.
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New-Brunswick dates with Frank Turner would be amazing.
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Are the Smashing Pumpkins still around? I wouldn't pay for any of their tracks anyway. Of course I'm gonna pay for Plaskett tracks whether I buy them all individually or pay for a full album at the end.
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Plaskett isn't harkening back to anything but his same old M-O, getting as much publicity as possible over as long as period as possible, foisting himself onto people whether they like it or not, via his media friends and every media format.
Good move getting Frank Turner to open, but beware, ideas that it will boost his cred may backfire, as not everyone subscribes to the tried-and-true Plaskett formula: it's not what you do, it's who you know.
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Poseur@8:34, what would you prefer? That a working musician toil away in obscurity and never reach an audience at all? Please, spare us.
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