Jason Hill Preps Killers, Muse-assisted Debut as Vicky Cryer, Announces Louis XIV Reunion Dates

> Feb 01 2013

Jason Hill Preps Killers, Muse-assisted Debut as Vicky Cryer, Announces Louis XIV Reunion Dates
By Gregory AdamsJason Hill may be most well-known for fronting the occasionally raunchy rockers Louis XIV, but the singer will showcase a new band of buddies this spring via the debut of his next project, Vicky Cryer. The group's first effort, The Synthetic Love of Emotional Engineering, drops through Hill's own Fancy Animal Records on April 16.

A press release explains that Vicky Cryer took shape following Louis XIV's 2009 break up, after Hill converted an old house in the Hollywood Hills into a home studio called Ulysses. After the musician/producer wrote a few songs on his own, he invited some pals out to his place to jam and record using his vintage instruments and audio equipment. By winter 2012, the late night recording sessions had yielded enough songs for an LP.

Joining Hill on the LP are Muse drummer Dominic Howard, the Killers' bass-slinger Mark Stoermer, Jamiroquai four-stringer Nick Fyffe, Mars Volta percussionist Dave Elitch, and more. The New York Dolls' David Johanssen also stopped by for the sessions. You can ogle the tracklist and an unofficial, yet band-sanctioned video for album track "Girls" down below.

As for Hill's old band, Louis XIV are getting back together to play some European dates with the Killers next month. These will be their first shows in four years. You can see the details over here.

The Synthetic Love of Emotional Engineering:

1. Smut

2. Girls

3. Krokodil Tears

4. Touch You

5. The Synthetic Love of Emotional Engineering

6. Expensive Love

7. Lady and the Tramp

8. Young Love

9. I'll Take the Pain

10. A Single Cut (Is Worth A Thousand Words)

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