Indiana Cop Demoted for Appearing in Freddie Gibbs Video

> Nov 08 2012

Indiana Cop Demoted for Appearing in Freddie Gibbs Video
By Josiah HughesIndiana-based rapper Freddie Gibbs has earned the nickname Gangsta Gibbs, so it probably wouldn't be wise for a police officer to affiliate with him publicly. That's a lesson that Gary, IN patrolman Jason Johnson learned the hard way, however.

Recently, a behind-the-scenes video surfaced (see below) showing Gibbs as he shot a music video on location in Gary. Among the many people involved in the shoot was Johnson, who appeared in uniform along with his squad car.

The video also included an unknown man who allegedly said, "We're smoking weed with the police outside."

All of this was enough for Johnson to be punished. As The Post Tribune reports [via XXL], Johnson's squad car was seized and he was demoted to working in the garage while the police look into the matter further.

In response to the story, which was on the cover of yesterday's Tribune, Gibbs tweeted, "I thought it was election today? Why am I on the front page? The city of Gary comin at my head."

Check out a clip of the offending video below.

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