I Mother Earth Book Toronto Reunion Show, Promise New Music

> Jan 25 2012

I Mother Earth Book Toronto Reunion Show, Promise New Music
By Alex HudsonA couple weeks back, long-dormant '90s alt-rock crew I Mother Earth hinted that they would be reconvening in 2012. Now, the mysterious countdown on their website has reached zero, and the band have officially confirmed the reunion and booked their first show.

I Mother Earth will be making their return on March 23 at the Sound Academy in Toronto. There will be a ticket pre-sale at 102.1 the Edge from January 25 to 27 before tickets go on sale to the public on January 28.

So is there a full tour planned? Not exactly. In a statement, the band wrote, "For now, the show is a one off." They continued, "If our fans want us to, we'll do more. The idea of going back to the west coast or even back out to Newfoundland is awesome to think about."

They added that the show is not a "reunion," but a "continuation," and that they'll have new music to go along with it. They don't plan to release an album (believing the format to be outdated), but they're currently "wrapping up a couple of songs that we like, one of which we'll just give to you if you come to the show and then make available to fans across the country, but we're still not sure exactly how to get the next one to you."

We previously reported that late-era singer Bryan Byrne would be part of the reunion, rather than original vocalist Edwin, who left the group in 1997.

Look for more updates to be announced via the band's new Openmouth Blog.

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thank god it's not Edwin. such a douche.
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edwin was and still is I MOTHER EARTH not going to this sh*t fest show now
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Love these guys...and Bryan ROCKS. Edwin was a douche...
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Edwin was an idiot for leaving the band. They would be like an OLP( in popularity and status) if they stayed together. The newer singer is good but not quite edwin. imagine seeing indiana jones with Tom Selek. He might be good but hes not Harrison ford. Get the point? Anyway ill be there- should be a good show. Ps Edwin must be kicking himself anyway- last i saw he was a bartender at tatoo...
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yes! bryan byrne > edwin.
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