Hidden Cameras Detail Their Origin:Orphan, Set Album for September 22 Release

> Jul 03 2009

Hidden Cameras Detail Their Origin:Orphan, Set Album for September 22 Release
By Brock ThiessenAs we've told you a few times now, Toronto's mighty Hidden Cameras are gearing up for a new full-length. It's called Origin:Orphan and now set to come out September 22 on Arts & Crafts.

This proper follow-up to 2006's Awoo was recorded by head Hidden Camera Joel Gibb & Co. in Toronto and artists' current favourite musical hotspot, Berlin. According to the trusty press release, "Origin:Orphan delves into new territory for the Hidden Cameras, including dark synths of the title track and dominant orchestration of "Walk On.'"

Yeah, we know you can't always take these releases at face value, so Arts & Crafts have been kind of enough to slip us a download of that latter track, "Walk On," which you can download here.

The first single, "In the NA," will precede the album and is due out as a digital release on July 21. It will come with two b-sides and a remix by Dolby Anol.

As previously reported, the Hidden Cameras have a few live dates coming up as well. Here those are again below the tracklisting.


1. "Ratify the New"
2. "In the NA"
3. "He Falls to Me"
4. "Colour of a Man"
5. "Do I Belong?"
6. "Walk On"
7. "Kingdom Come"
8. "Origin:Orphan"
9. "Underage"
10. "The Little Bit"
11. "Silence Can Be a Headline"

Tour dates:

7/21 Wakefield, QC - The Black Sheep Inn

7/23 Fredericton, NB - The Capital Bar

7/24 Charlottetown, PEI - Baba's Lounge
7/25 Halifax, NS - Garrison Grounds at Citadel Hill (Halifax Pride Festival)

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