Hey Rosetta! Celebrate the Holidays with 'A Cup of Kindness Yet,' Stream EP on Exclaim.ca

> Nov 12 2012

Hey Rosetta! Celebrate the Holidays with 'A Cup of Kindness Yet,' Stream EP on Exclaim.ca
By Alex HudsonEvery Christmas, we're force-fed a barrage of obnoxiously cheerful holiday songs, but East Coast indie rockers Hey Rosetta! are offering the antidote with A Cup of Kindness Yet. This un-traditional Christmas EP is out on November 19, and you can listen to it now at Exclaim.ca.

The four-song collection leads off with "Carry Me Home," a slinky pop number about the loneliness of being on tour during the holiday season. Hey Rosetta! leader Tim Baker reportedly came up with the idea for the tune while on tour in Australia this spring — not exactly typical Christmas surroundings.

The EP is rounded out with a haunting version of "O Come O Come Emmanuel," the sweetly soft "The First Snow," and the slow-building "New Year Song" (which culminates in an interpolation of "Auld Lang Syne").

In a statement, Baker said, "I don't think I'm done with the challenge of writing a song about Christmas without it being all fake plastic cheesy yule log happiness or for that matter all angry anti-establishment protest, but something in the middle, like the real thing, like sitting by the tree, mildly hungover, staring at a pile of gift-wrapped overconsumption, and feeling overfilled, with dinner and love and mythic joy."   

Exclaim.ca is currently streaming the entire in advance of its release, so go here to listen.

Hey Rosetta! will play a holiday show in St. John's on December 20, with more shows hopefully on the horizon.
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