Hey Ocean! Finally Set to Unveil 'Is'

> Apr 11 2012

Hey Ocean! Finally Set to Unveil 'Is'
By Alex HudsonIt's been almost a year since Hey Ocean! told us they had finished their pop-centric new album, Is, and now that LP finally has a release date. The third album from the funky Vancouver folk outfit will be out on May 15.

This news comes from the CBC, who also point out that the band have signed with Universal, meaning that the LP will presumably mark Hey Ocean!'s official major label debut.

Hey Ocean! already played the entire album in order during a concert for the CBC, and you can hear live versions of the entire 12-track effort here.

The set featured strings and horns, so it offers a more lush sound than we're used to hearing from the band. Note that the song "Jolene" isn't a Dolly Parton cover (although it does overtly allude to that tune). A video clip of the single "Big Blue Wave" from that performance is at the bottom of the page.

Scroll past the tentative tracklist to see the band's currently confirmed tour schedule, and check out the album art above.


1. If I Were a Ship
2. Make a New Dance Up
3. Big Blue Wave
4. Islands
5. Jolene
6. New Love
7. Bicycle Love
8. Change
9. Steady
10. I Am a Heart
11. Forgive/Give
12. Last Mistakes

Tour dates:

6/10 Edmonton, AB - Open Sky Music Festival
6/16 Vancouver, BC - Vogue Theatre
7/6 Orillia, ON - Mariposa Folk Festival
7/8 Kelowna, BC - Keloha Festival
8/3 Montreal, QC - Osheaga Music Festival

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