Gui Boratto Announces 'III' LP

> Jul 14 2011

Gui Boratto Announces 'III' LP
By Josiah HughesBrazilian techno pop great Gui Boratto released his stunning second album Take My Breath Away in 2009, and in an interview with Exclaim! at the time, he revealed just how much work and thought goes into each release. With that in mind, we can't wait to see where he goes next with his newly announced third album.

Aptly titled III, the new Boratto LP will be released later this year via Kompakt, who have issued all of his full-lengths to date. We don't know much about the new album so far, but III will be available on September 13 in North America via Kompakt as a CD, double LP or digital download. The album will arrive a day earlier in Europe

For now, Kompakt has shared the lead-off single "The Drill," which will be available on July 25. You can stream it in the player below.

That's the cover above and the tracklisting is available below as well.


1. "Destination: Education"

2. "Blackjacks_mas"

3. "The Drill"

4. "Flying Practice"

5. "Galuchat"

6. "Soledad"

7. "Stems from Hell"

8. "Striker"
9. "Talking Truss"

10. "The Third"

11. "This Is Not the End" (ft. Luciana Villanova)

12. "Trap"

Gui Boratto - The Drill (KOM 232) by Kompakt
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