Grimes' Gear Stolen After Manchester Show

> Aug 31 2012

Grimes' Gear Stolen After Manchester Show
By Josiah HughesIncreasingly popular synth-pop experimenter Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) has been working hard on the road. There might be a wrench in her plans now, though, as all of her gear was stolen after a show last night (August 30) at the HMV Ritz in Manchester, UK.

Details remain scarce, but Boucher did take to her Twitter to write, "hey manchester! all the grimes gear was stolen last night - if you know anything about this get at me!"

It's hard to know exactly how to help, but if you know anyone in the Manchester area maybe you can advise them to keep an eye out for a Grimes-like setup in a pawn shop.

UPDATE: The missing equipment reportedly include a Roland GAIA SH-01 synthesizer, Roland SP 404 sampler, Line6 M9 stompbox, Mackie 802-VLZ3 mixer, and cables. 

If, in the worst case scenario, she doesn't find her missing items, there is a small chance that Boucher will be coming into some extra money soon as her most recent effort Visions was short listed for the Polaris.

Watch the recently issued video for "Genesis" below.

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It's not like she cares about the music anyways....
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Fingers crossed this means Grimes won't make any more ear-needling "music"...
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after listening to her video, i'd say... thanks!!
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Maybe that's why it was stolen - so no more tour to flog awful muzak (only slightly better than elevator music).
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But guys - she's a genre-bending, radical-thinking artist! *vomit*
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Holy backlash, Batman!

I get the sense some of you catz don't like tha Grimes.

Just sayin'...
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that totally sucks, but on a positive note they did take the Mackie piece of shit!
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