The Grapes of Wrath Return with 'High Road' LP

> Feb 12 2013

The Grapes of Wrath Return with 'High Road' LP
By Alex HudsonReunited BC folk rock vets the Grapes of Wrath had previously confirmed plans to record a new album, and now these plans have come to fruition. The band will release High Road on March 19 through Aporia Records.

This is the first album to be released under the Grapes of Wrath banner since 2000's Field Trip, and the first to feature all three core members since 1991's These Days. It was recorded with co-producer Darryl Neudorf (Neko Case, Blue Rodeo, Jim Bryson and the Weakerthans) at his Operation Northwoods studio in Ontario.

According to a press release, the album's "12 tracks feature the signature harmonies, vivid melodies and heartfelt lyrics the Grapes are known for yet also explore new sounds that will surprise the average fan."

The band's Tom Hooper added in a statement, "This record is a continuation of where we last left off. This isn't a nostalgia trip. It's like our other records — the next step in our growth as songwriters and musicians. The only difference is it took us a little longer to make the step."

Peruse the tracklist below. Scroll past that to hear the sprightly folk tune "Good to See You." The band's upcoming tour schedule is also below, while the album cover is up above.

High Road:

1. Good to See You
2. Isn't There
3. Mexico
4. Paint You Blue
5. I'm Lost (I Miss You)
6. Take on the Day
7. Broken
8. Make It OK
9. Picnic
10. None Too Soon
11. Waiting to Fly
12. Sad Melodies

Tour dates:

3/20 Kitchener, ON - Hacienda Sarria

3/23 Toronto, ON - Dakota Tavern

6/21-23 Joussard, AB - North County Fair  

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What a treat it is to hear new Grapes of Wrath. Since "These Days" I`ve missed them, and just caught up on the 2000 release. They`re right about the logical progression, it just took a little longer! "High Road" brings us closer to the fulfillment of all the promise inherent in this amazing band`s previous output. I`m so happy they`re working together again, and fascinated by all of their new misic! PS. I`d love to see a compilation that pulls together every rarity, B-side, and single not available on current CDs. Thanks - Jim.
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Grapes of Wrath to me represents what a really great band is.... they are not simply re-mashing old hits, they have presented their voice and music in a way that it totally relevant to me today. New but reminiscent of old, I love their older stuff too. Did I mention, I'm 60!
Picnic has to be my current favorite, great summertime song! All of High Road is great.

See you in Kelowna!

Jim, re: your ps, the bringing together thing you talk about sounds good... bring it on GOW,

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