Gob Return with 'Apt. 13,' Premiere New Track

> May 27 2014

Gob Return with 'Apt. 13,' Premiere New Track
By Josiah HughesLong-running Vancouver pop punk act Gob haven't released any new material since 2007's Muertos Vivos, but that will change this summer with the arrival of a new album called Apt. 13.

The album will arrive on August 26 through New Damage Records. It was produced entirely by the band themselves and features 10 songs on vinyl and CD. There's also an iTunes deluxe edition with an additional three tracks.

Apt. 13 promises to offer more of Gob's signature melodic rock, though it's less straightforward than albums past. As a press release explains, Apt. 13 "leans less towards the straight-up pop influence of its predecessors and puts focus on a fuller, more layered rock sound that includes sonic elements of decades past."

The band have exclusively shared new single "Cold" with Exclaim!, which can be streamed below. The song modernizes Gob's punchy punk approach, offering familiar signifiers with a mature level of restraint.

Gob plan to take the new album out on the road in the coming months and already have several summer dates booked. You can see all the confirmed dates so far after the tracklist.

Apt. 13:

1. Apt 13

2. Radio Hell

3. Same As It Ever Was

4. Cold

5. Walking Alone

6. New York

7. Cars on Fire *

8. Terpsichore

9. NIL

10. (Get It) Tonight *

11. Can't Get Over You *

12. Standing There

13. Call For Tradition

* iTunes deluxe version only

Tour dates:

06/20 Montebello, QC - Amnesia Rock Fest
06/21 Waterloo, ON - Maxwell's
06/22 Waterloo, ON - Maxwell's
06/27 Hagersville, ON - Lachie Music Festival
07/09 Belleville, ON - Canadian Independent Musical Festival (Zwick's Park)
07/10 Oshawa, ON - Moustache Club
08/02 Penticton, BC - Boonstock Music Festival
08/22 Vancouver, BC - Imperial Room (CD RELEASE PARTY)
08/30 Valleyview, AB - Beaverfest

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incredible.cannot wait for the album release
1 Reply
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Sounds awesome!
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So pumped!
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New single sounds awesome! Can't wait to hear the rest!!
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pffft. what a joke. No one gives a fuck about these geezers.
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stick the onion up your ass carl - you only wish you loved this music ! it rox! my cox off!
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Fricken awesome Gob is back in force!
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Alkaline Trio?
1 Reply
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Oh ya @carl onion I forgot that what made music good was being young and looking cool..I can only speculate but I presume you didn't even listen to the song before posting that misguided comment
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go check soundscan, you morons. they have not sold records in a decade. the only people who are going to buy this record are the people posting here (ie the band members). a couple of these old fucks have grandchildren!
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yeah, even when they were popular, they were horrible. now they are just pathetic.
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Gotta love someone checking Soundscan to decide if a song/band is good or not. By that same logic Nickback is the best band in the world. I'm not saying Gob is great, but no good bands sell records.
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Haha sick
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Gob are old enough to be nickelback's grandparents. at least nickelback don't need walkers to get to the stage!
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I am totally going to see Gob play on this tour. I want to see if any of them have a heart attack on stage! lol
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Great track, solid band!
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great comment Tom! i mean, er, John.
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I used to be a big fan, but I kinda lost respect for them when they signed to Netwerk. Netwerk fucking sucks! This song sounds promising.
Start Conversation
dude, they signed to Nettwerk, like, 14 years ago. and they were old then! these guys need to put on Depends and fade away. No one cares.
Start Conversation
I guess I can forgive a band for making a mistake 14 years ago. Guess that makes me (and probably "Mark McBride" and that guy talking about SoundScan all old men). I'm not 15 years old anymore, and I don't want to listen to Justin Beiber. Good music is good music and Gob does it well. I still love NOFX and Bad Religion too, so I guess I'm old as fuck. I prefer the term "legendary!"
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Can't wait! Hope they release a vinyl edition of the new album... cuz I'm old and still enjoy watching my music spin ;-)
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Ha ha ha ha @Theo- Nope, just a fan.
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Ha ha u guys are funny..
By the way I'm the only one in the band with a kid and he is 8 years old.
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Why is Nettwerk a bad label again? They've been putting out records from beloved independent Canadian artists for 30 years, what's not to like? Anyway, love the new track, guys. Can't wait to see you at Amnesia Rockfest, and sorry I was such a drunken ass to you guys the last time you were in Ottawa (Mavericks, September 2012).
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nettwerk has not signed a band anyone has given a shit about in 20 years, you stupid fuck.
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i have seen over 100 bands live...and i have seen gob 32 times in concert...they never have bad shows..always kick ass and i cant wait to see them live in concert for my 33 time in aug..keep up the good work gob!!!
Start Conversation
yeah, and the stones were also good when they were young. These guys are a bunch of old clowns with dentures.
Start Conversation
Holy crap! This is really freakin good!! Sounds like spiritual successor of The World Acording to Gob. Longtime fan, this is one of ur best songs!
Start Conversation
The song sounds great and I'd also like to mention that the album art looks fantastic!
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