The Get Up Kids Prep Vinyl Reissues of 'Eudora' and 'On a Wire'

> Aug 27 2013

The Get Up Kids Prep Vinyl Reissues of 'Eudora' and 'On a Wire'
By Gregory AdamsKansas City emo-pop players the Get Up Kids haven't yet revealed plans to deliver a follow-up to their 2011 comeback LP There Are Rules, but the band will reissue a pair of previously released platters this fall.

The group are set to drop new vinyl pressings of their 2002 LP On a Wire and the double-LP rarities compendium Eudora on September 17 via Workhorse Music Group. The records had previously been pressed up by Vagrant.

On a Wire was received with mixed acclaim back in 2002, with many complaining that the band had abandoned the scrappier, heart-tugging pop punk style of Four Minute Mile and its keyboard-drenched follow up Something to Write Home About in favour of a softer, sometimes rootsy approach. Singer/guitarist Matt Pryor had previously told Alternative Press of the change in direction: "We really didn't give two shits if anyone liked the record or not, we were really confident that we were going to kill this 'emo' stigma that we had and take the people with open minds with us and leave everyone else in the dust."

Eudora, meanwhile, collected tracks from their debut 7-inch, a Sub Pop single, demos, compilation appearances, cover songs of Pixies, Coalesce and David Bowie, and more rarities.

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