Get the Latest from Kanye West, Drake, Soundgarden and Badbadnotgood in Our Click Hear Roundup

> Apr 09 2012

Get the Latest from Kanye West, Drake, Soundgarden and Badbadnotgood in Our Click Hear Roundup
By Sian DaviesThis Monday, kick-start your week with the freshest tracks, videos and advanced album streams over at's Click Hear section. Here's just a handful of our recent highlights.

First up, Kanye West offered up a pair of new tracks. First we got the Hit-Boy-produced "Theraflu," only to quickly get another new song, "Mercy," which features Pusha T, Big Sean and 2 Chainz. Not to be outdone, Drake also dropped two videos this Good Friday: "Take Care" and "HYFR."

Meanwhile, reunited grungers Soundgarden unveiled their first song in 15 years, "Live to Rise," taken from the upcoming Avengers soundtrack. Plus, in the spirit of Easter giving, Childish Gambino (aka multi-talented funnyman Donald Glover) shared a free download of his latest track "Eat Your Vegetables," and lovable Toronto jazz trio Badbadnotgood digitally released the new record, BBNG 2, for absolutely nada.

For more videos, we have Florence Welch and Josh Homme performing a cover of Johnny Cash and June Carter's 1967 hit "Jackson" for MTV Unplugged, and hop-hop collective Odd Future welcome back cowboys, ninjas and Tyler, the Creator's alter ego, Thurnis Haley, in the second instalment of their Loiter Squad TV series.

Be sure to check out these streams, downloads and videos, as well as many more, at our Click Hear section.

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