Gaslight Anthem Sign to Mercury Records, Prep New Album for 2012 Release

> Oct 05 2011

Gaslight Anthem Sign to Mercury Records, Prep New Album for 2012 Release
By Gregory AdamsIf you were worried about the Gaslight Anthem frontman Brian Fallon's new band the Horrible Crowes stealing the spotlight from his full-time gig, you can put those concerns to rest. As reported yesterday (October 4), the band are lining up a new, covers-heavy EP for iTunes, and now comes word that Gaslight Anthem will have a new record ready for next year.

What might be most surprising about the latter anouncement, though, is that the troupe have jumped ship from longtime label SideOneDummy for the big leagues, inking up with Mercury Records.

A representative for SideOneDummy, which had released the New Jersey outfit's last two records (2008's The '59 Sound and 2010's American Slang), confirmed to Alternative Press that the band have left the label. Don't worry, though, there's apparently no bad feelings.

"We can confirm this," the company rep said. "We are super happy for the dudes in Gaslight and wish them the best!"

The band have yet to make a statement about the new chapter in their recording career, but the new record, which they started working on in the summer, is expected sometime next year.

As previously reported, the Gaslight Anthem's iTunes Session drops digitally on December 13.

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For me, Sink or Swin was great, 59 Sound was an instant classic, but I couldn't get into American Slang. Its going to be interesting to see how they sound and if they take a new direction on Mercury.
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