The Gaslight Anthem Gather 7-Inches for 'Singles Collection 2008-2011' Box Set

> Apr 04 2013

The Gaslight Anthem Gather 7-Inches for 'Singles Collection 2008-2011' Box Set
By Alex HudsonWhile the Gaslight Anthem have been looking ahead to their "weird" next album, the New Jersey blue-collar rockers will first look back on the past few years by releasing a box-set of 7-inch singles. Singles Collection 2008-2011 will be out June 18 through SideOneDummy Records.

This set is limited to 2,500 copies and includes nine black vinyl singles culled from the titular years. They feature some highlights from the band's recent albums, along with live recordings, acoustic sessions and B-sides.

These are packaged in a wooden box, and come with a download code and an adaptor for vinyl 45s. See an image of the set above and the tracklist below. Pre-order the collection here.

The Gaslight Anthem will be touring extensively in the coming months and have previously confirmed Canadian festival stops at Montreal's Osheaga (August 2) and Toronto's Grove Musical Festival (August 3). See their full schedule at Facebook.

Singles Collection 2008-2011:

1. The '59 Sound:

A. The '59 Sound

B. State of Love and Trust (Live at Webster Hall)

2. Old White Lincoln:

A. Old White Lincoln

B. The '59 Sound (Acoustic on KEXP)

3. Great Expectations:

A. Great Expectations

B. Great Expectations (Acoustic on KEXP)

4. American Slang:

A. American Slang

B. American Slang (Acoustic)

5. Boxer:

A. Boxer

B. Boxer Acoustic

6. The Diamond Church Street Choir:

A. The Diamond Church Street Choir

B. Antonia Jane (acoustic on KEXP)

7. Stay Lucky:

A. Stay Lucky

B. Tumbling Dice

8. The Spirit of Jazz:

A. The Spirit of Jazz

B. The Queen of Lower Chelsea (acoustic)

9. B-Sides:

A. Once Upon a Time

B. She Loves You

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