Former Rye Coalition, the Want Members Team Up as Cold Fur

> Feb 06 2013

Former Rye Coalition, the Want Members Team Up as Cold Fur
By Gregory AdamsDespite a reunion show in 2011, we haven't heard anything out of quirky hardcore kids turned hard rockers Rye Coalition in years, but two of the members are now focusing on a new band called Cold Fur. The New Jersey group's debut Altamont Every Night arrives digitally through their own Cold Fur Recordings March 5.

A press release for the quartet explains that Rye singer Ralph Cuseglio and drummer Dave Leto have teamed up with guitarist Adam Valk and bassist Jeff Mackey, both formerly of Jersey stoner-blues crew the Want, to "melt faces and swallow hearts."

The band's 11-song debut was tracked with Steve Albini, with extra recording assistance from Alap Momin, while production credits are given to Jean Lebleu.

You can stream Cold Fur's "Habitual Line Sleeper" down below, and "Pigs on Holiday" over at Brooklyn Vegan. Both songs home in on wriggly post-hardcore licks, pummelling beats and Cuseglio's throat-thrashing cries, which sound far nastier and more in your face than his last recorded work with Rye.

While Altamont Every Night arrives digitally on March 5, a vinyl release is expected sometime later in the spring.

Altamont Every Night:

1. Altamont Every Night

2. Cut Of My Jib

3. Habitual Line Stepper

4. Bro'ed To Death

5. Just Like Brian Jones

6. Pigs On Holiday

7. Interspecies Dating

8. The Shittiest Story Ever Told

9. Hammer Toss

10. Wrists Of Fury

11. Fat Vampires From Planet Wolf

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