Flaming Lips to Start Selling Bloody-Filled 'Heady Fwends' Records for $2,500 Each

> May 03 2012

Flaming Lips to Start Selling Bloody-Filled 'Heady Fwends' Records for $2,500 Each
By Gregory AdamsFlaming Lips fans and eBay auctioneers scrambled to their local music shops a few weeks back to nab the limited-edition copies of the band's collaborative The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends double LP as part of Record Store Day, but very few will get their hands on the previously reported blood-infused version of the set that Wayne Coyne will be selling off soon.

The Lips frontman recently tweeted that he's selling the ten blood-filled platters at the end of the week, and if you thought the eBay auctions for the regular edition were out of hand, get ready for this: the packages will go for $2,500 each.

As previously reported, Coyne's plan was to get a sample of blood from each musician that participated in Heady Fwends and "put little bits of everybody's blood in the middle of this record…Like a glass specimen thing." It's still unclear whether all of the participants, from the guys in Lightning Bolt to Chris Martin from Coldplay, actually ponied up some DNA, but you can see the drippy results in the photos Coyne posted up above.

The special edition of Heady Fwends also comes with new artwork, which puts a spin on the cover of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins. You can see that nudie collage over here.

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This is either a hoax, or it will be flagged by Ebay and removed. They have a strict policy about selling biological materials (including blood) on their site (pages.ebay.ca), and it is clearly a health hazard. Also Coyne's been cagey about actually saying it's real blood, from what I can tell. Anyone who pays $2,500 for this record is playing into an excellent charade. Well played, Flaming Lips!
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Who said they would be selling this via eBay?
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Hagstrom, they sold human skulls from their site last year. This really doesn't seem like a stretch for them.
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