Feminist Group Responsible for Defacing Chris Brown Albums Speaks Out, Targets John Lennon

> Sep 20 2012

Feminist Group Responsible for Defacing Chris Brown Albums Speaks Out, Targets John Lennon
By Alex HudsonLast week, copies of Chris Brown's album Fortune were defaced with stickers reading "Warning: do not buy this album! This man beats women" in an apparent protest against domestic abuse. Now, a feminist group has claimed responsibility for the stickers, in addition to picking a new target.

The British group behind the protest can be found on Twitter at @abusesticksout, where it has been posting messages about its cause. Judging by the pictures the group has shared, it has begun targeting albums in Birmingham, as well as London, UK. It has also offered to send stickers to anyone wishing to take part in their campaign.

What's more, it has chosen a second target: John Lennon.

NME points out that copies of Lennon's 1970 solo album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band were slapped with the same advisory sticker. The Beatles legend was reportedly abusive during his first marriage to Cynthia Lennon (something that's apparently alluded to in the song "Getting Better").

The collective issued a statement to Spin, saying, "We live in a society that splits an abusive man's actions from his public persona. With one in four women experiencing domestic violence and, on average, two women being killed in the UK by abuse each week we want to make these abusers stick out. Society ignores their abuse. We won't. We are going to sticker every album and film made by abusers that we can."

In other words, don't expect these protests to stop at Chris Brown and John Lennon. Given the group's eagerness to send out stickers, don't be surprised if it spreads beyond the UK soon enough.

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Could someone put a sticker on the Carly Rae Jepson album reading, "WARNING: Do Not Buy. This will cause brain damage."
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The John Lennon sticker really shouldn't be in the present tense.
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Scraps at Midnight is only ÂŁ5!?! What a deal!
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