Felt's Lawrence Goes to the 'Hot Dog Streets' on New Go-Kart Mozart Album

> Apr 30 2012

Felt's Lawrence Goes to the 'Hot Dog Streets' on New Go-Kart Mozart Album
By Alex HudsonSecretive former Felt leader Lawrence has been giving his fans some glimpses into his inner world recently, as he and his projects were the subject of a recent photo book and documentary. Now, he's getting ready to do what he does best: release some new music.

Lawrence's current band, Go-Kart Mozart, are gearing up to drop the strangely titled Go-Kart Mozart Are on the Hot Dog Streets (which comes with the subtitle Originals Don't Have to Fake It But Sometimes You Just Feel So Plastic). It will arrive on June 4 in the UK via West Midlands Records.

Lawrence has been talking about this album for a couple of years, but now it looks as if it's finally finished. The album will be available on CD and double vinyl, and an Amazon listing reveals that it will have 17 songs. See the tracklist below and the cover above.

In other news, the single "New World in the Morning," plus the B-side "Gizmos Gadgets Unrock Electric Guitar Clock Tick Tock," are available now from iTunes, although neither song appears to be on the album.

Go-Kart Mozart Are on the Hot Dog Streets:

1. Lawrence Takes Over
2. West Brom Blues
3. The Sun
4. Retro-Glancing
5. Cum On You Lot
6. Blowin in a Secular Breeze
7. Mickie Made the Most
8. White Stillettoes in the Sand
9. I Talk With Robot Voice
10. Synth Wizard
11. Spunky Axe
12. Ollie Ollie Get Your Collie
13. As Long as You Come Home Tonight
14. Robot Rock
15. Electrosex
16. Queen of the Scene
17. Men Look at Women

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shit music and the guy is full of himself when all he does is rip off music and write childrens songs
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i agree with papa, novelty, cheap, plastic music with wanky lyrics.
Only good enough to throw away.
When the guy grows up he will cringe at the shit he writes
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Go-Kart Mozart are TOP OF THE POPS !! Fandabidozy!!
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yea, id like to hear "papa's" and "jesusjames" masterful music. fuck u shit heads
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