Exclaim!'s Best Albums of 2012:

Folk and Country Page 7

> Dec 11 2012

Exclaim!'s Best Albums of 2012: - Folk and Country Page 7
By Exclaim! Staff1. Corb Lund
Cabin Fever
(New West)

It opens with what could be a two-note AC/DC riff, before shifting into a country stomp and a matter-of-fact account of a coming social meltdown following a peak oil crisis. That's followed by a down-and-dirty, harmonica-driven stomp that pays ode to your local gravedigger, and some light-hearted advice on bribing law enforcement with feigned theological allegiance. Then we get to one of the best long-distance rural-urban love songs ever written in this country or anywhere else. The rest of the album has rockabilly songs about German motorcycles and goth girls, yodelling odes to antique pistols and a song about how "everything is better when there's cows around." Whether he's goofing off, telling yarns or getting his heart broken, Lund never wastes a single word. His band of Hurtin' Albertans — the newest of whom has now been in the group for 11 years — have never sounded better, and Lund's melodies soar, whether it's a ballad or a barn-burner. Lund rarely slouches, but he's at his finest here. Cabin Fever is Lund's seventh album—it's a lucky one.
Michael Barclay

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I question the use of "but" in that second last sentence of the Corb Lund review, Mr. Barclay
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Good selections, I guess, just the order that bothers me.
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no love for Damien Jurado? Luke Roberts? oh well
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In an earlier review you suggest Paul Reddick's album "Wishbone" as a great piece of work, and a worthy Juno contender, yet here, you sidestep his inclusion.... Mmmmm?...
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Toronto's Graydon James and the Young Novelists appears to be missing from your round-up. Surely that's just an oversight. Oh wait, you have that Father John Misty record on your list despite the fact that Now I'm Learning to Love the War is one of the worst songs of the year, marring an otherwise good record. You will find no such dud on In The Year You Were Born. This leads me to believe that you may have been hit on the head in recent weeks. Get well soon.
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And where would I find Slow Commotion by Jay Harris on this list of yours? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Truly one of the great records of 2012.
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Jesse Somfay (Borealis) deserves to be on this list. He is one of Canada's most underrated musicians.
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Oops - that was meant for the Electonic list...sorry.
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Agreed , I seen them live in cowtown, and corb and the boys were flawless! (Tip my hat)
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