Ex Deo Give Their First New Taste of Roman-Themed Death Metal

> May 29 2009

Ex Deo Give Their First New Taste of Roman-Themed Death Metal
By Denise FalzonEx Deo, the new side project from Kataklysm front-man Maurizio Iacono, has released a new track dubbed "Legio XIII," which is due to make an appearance on the group's anticipated new long-player, Romulus.

While the new track is currently streaming on the Roman-themed death metal band's MySpace page, the full-length isn't due out until June 30 courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records. The record was recorded with producer and Kataklysm guitarist Jean-Francois Dagenais, who has also worked with Misery Index, Despised Icon and Malevolent Creation, featuring guest appearances by Karl Sanders (Nile), Obsidian C. (Keep of Kalessin) and Nergal (Behemoth).

Ex Deo have also released a video for the title track of the album (see below), as well as this Iacono-penned statement: "First I'd like to say a big THANK YOU for the overwhelming response for the video to the title track, "Romulus." Word of mouth has been spreading like wildfire worldwide about Ex Deo at the moment! I didn't think there were so many metalheads that were into the concept of the band and Roman history as much as I am. I was anxious to see the response of the people of Italy and Rome today, and the media there has accepted us with open arms. Now with their seal of approval, we can show the world Rome! Today we present you another defiant track called "Legio XIII." It's a song in honour of Rome's most devastating and lethal Legion ever assembled; the 13th Legion, which helped bring Caesar to power."


1. "Romulus"

2. "Storm the Gates of Alesia"

3. "Cry Havoc"

4. "In Her Dark Embrace"

5. "Invictus"

6. "The Final War (Battle of Actium)"

7. "Legio XIII"

8. "Blood, Courage and the God's That Walk the Earth"

9. "Cruor Nostri Abbas"

10. "Surrender The Sun"

11. "The Pantheon (Jupiter's Reign)"

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