Ex-Red Hot Chili Pepper John Frusciante Heading to Court to Battle Alleged Stalker

> Aug 08 2011

Ex-Red Hot Chili Pepper John Frusciante Heading to Court to Battle Alleged Stalker
By Brock ThiessenWhile Red Hot Chili Peppers get set for the release of their new LP I'm With You, things for the band are on the up and up. However, the same can't be said of former guitarist John Frusciante. According to new report, the guitar hero has claimed he's become the victim of a stalker.

As TMZ reports, Frusciante filed a request in L.A. last week (we're guessing in order to get a retraining order), saying a 32-year-old woman named August Elizabeth Thomas has been stalking the former RHCP member.

"I am worried that she is unstable and that she could snap at any moment," Frusciante said in the documents filed, going on to say he has been the victim of aggressive emails and letters that are described as "long, rambling and overly emotional -- and in some cases, she would admit that she is 'often drunk.'"

Frusciante added that the alleged stalker has appeared at concerts featuring his wife Nicole Turley and at their home on July 28 and 29.

Apparently, the woman approached Frusciante in 2010 asking to write a screenplay about his life but was denied.

"I fear both for my safety and for my wife's safety," Frusciante said. "Given that my wife and I are musicians and often play at venues around the world, it is hard for us to avoid Ms. Thomas if she is free to continually show up to harass us."

The case is set to go to court later this month.
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