Eluvium Returns with New Double Album

> Feb 06 2013

Eluvium Returns with New Double Album
By Alex HudsonEluvium's Matthew Cooper changed his moniker to Martin Eden for an album back in the fall, but now the ambient composer has returned to his main pseudonym for his next release. Nightmare Ending is out May 14 via Temporary Residence.

This two-CD collection contains 14 tracks and is largely instrumental. It apparently marks a shift from his vocal-heavy 2010 album Similes and is intended as a follow-up to 2007's rather stellar Copia. Cooper apparently began working on the album several years ago before shelving it and eventually returning to the recordings.

A press release explains, "Conceived as a way of helping loosen his self-imposed ideals of perfection, Cooper labelled each Nightmare Ending track as either a 'dream,' or an 'imperfection' — a way of differentiating the philosophical concept of 'dream vs. reality,' couched in the more tangible technical distinctions of 'flawless vs. flawed.'"

Nightmare Ending:

CD 1:

1. Don't Get Any Closer
2. Warm
3. By The Rails
4. Unknown Variation
5. Caroling
6. Sleeper
7. Envenom Mettle

 CD 2: 

1. Chime
2. Rain Gently
3. Impromptu (For the Procession)
4. Covered In Writing
5. Entendre
6. Strange Arrivals
7. Happiness

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