Drake Issues His Own Custom Jackets for Roots

> Nov 04 2011

Drake Issues His Own Custom Jackets for Roots
By Gregory AdamsWhen asked of iconic musician-worn outerwear, we tend to picture Michael Jackson's red-and-black leather jacket from the "Thriller" video, or maybe Joseph's Technicolour Dream Coat, but T-dot rhymer Drake is hoping he'll be added to that list via new Roots-issued varsity jackets.

Modelled after Drake's recent "Away from Home" tour get-up, the coats will be available tomorrow (November 5) in extremely limited quantities at two stores: Toronto's Nomad and Nepenthes in New York City.

Up above you can see that the school-spirit-styled number sports some Drizzy-related stitching. "So Far Gone/Thank Me Later/Take Care" it reads atop the right breast, while a giant, collegiate font "O," as in October's Very Own, rides the left.

Considering it's a limited-edition item, you might want to line up early if you want to snag one of these, which come in both black and red. And don't forget to bring a fat stack of bills; these bad boys are going for $500.

A small gripe: while obviously based on a classic design, Drake's OVO jacket might not even be all that iconic in the music world; Michael Jackson also rocked the varsity style before he turned into a werewolf in "Thriller."

As previously reported, Drizzy's Take Care comes out November 15 via Young Money/Cash Money/Universal.

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where can i get this jacket from ?
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