D.O.A.'s Joey "Shithead" Keithley to Run as NDP Candidate in Next BC Provincial Election

> Apr 27 2012

D.O.A.'s Joey "Shithead" Keithley to Run as NDP Candidate in Next BC Provincial Election
By Gregory AdamsIn certain circles, Joey "Shithead" Keithley is just as known for his political views as his music career with D.O.A., and the punk rock vet is apparently going to get back to campaigning, as he's seeking an NDP nomination in BC's 2013 provincial election.

The National Postáreports that Keithley is hoping to switch party lines, having ran for the Green Party in the 1996 and 2001 general elections in the now dissolved riding of Burnaby-Willingdon, just outside of Vancouver. While the environmentally minded politician/musician placed fifth in the 1996 election, and third in the 2001 election as a Green, Keithley believes linking up with the NDP help can topple the province's current Liberal government.

"Obviously the aim is to get as many candidates elected and try to win the election," Keithley said. "So that's why I'm getting into this. I want to change this world into a better place and it ain't happening with the BC Liberals, if you ask me."

It's thus far unclear where Keithley will run, but he's expected to make a formal decision next week. Initial reports claimed that the punker would jump in the ring against Liberal Harry Bloy in the Burnaby-Lougheed riding, but that rumour was quickly canned. All we know so far is that Keithley will be running somewhere within the Lower Mainland.

D.O.A., meanwhile, released their "We Occupy" / "Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?" single this week, with plans to release the full-length Farewell to Arms sometime in the near future.

Thanks to Punknews for the tip.

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