Diplo Gets Wrapped Up in Beat-Stealing Accusations over New Azealia Banks Track

> Mar 26 2012

Diplo Gets Wrapped Up in Beat-Stealing Accusations over New Azealia Banks Track
By Gregory AdamsAzealia Banks†blazed up the blogosphere yesterday (March 25) when she dropped her fast-rapping, Diplo-produced "Fuck the Fun," but the song quickly came under fire over claims that its percussion-heavy beat isn't a Diplo original.

A series of posters on the song's SoundCloud†page have pointed out similarities to Dutch producer DJ Master-D's instrumental outing "Mad Drumz," claiming that Diplo stole the beat.

The European beatmaker weighed in as well, posting, "Dj Master D the producer of the track??? Mad Drumz Thats right Check my Soundcloud," and uploaded what he deems the original on his own page.

FACT†also points to a YouTube†video of DJ Master-D's number popping up in early 2009.

Diplo responded to the claims quickly by admitting in a tweet†that he did indeed sample DJ Master-D. You can check out both tracks below.

UPDATE: In a statement to Pitchfork, Diplo recognized "Fuck Up the Fun" indeed takes DJ Master-D's beat, with the publication calling the result a "collaboration." However, Master-D himself hours before was one of those commenters who called out Diplo for jacking the beat. We'll let you draw your own conclusions about this one.

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