Dine Alone Announces Record Store Day Releases from Alexisonfire, Attack in Black, Moneen

> Mar 13 2012

Dine Alone Announces Record Store Day Releases from Alexisonfire, Attack in Black, Moneen
By Alex HudsonThe latest in a long line of Record Store Day announcements has arrived via the esteemed Toronto label Dine Alone Records, which has announced the exclusive goodies that the imprint will be shipping to independent brick and mortar shops in time for the big day on April 21.

Perhaps the most exciting item on the menu is a vinyl pressing of Alexisonfire's Math Sheets Demo. These comprise the first recordings that the now-defunct post-hardcore band ever made, and they were available at early shows as CD-Rs wrapped in high school math notes. This first-ever vinyl pressing will be on white wax in a limited edition of 1,000.

Another reissue from an inactive Canadian band will come in the form of Marriage by Attack in Black. This previously out-of-print reissue will come with a bonus ten-inch record containing five extra tracks. Fans looking for more out-of-print goodies will be pleased to learn that the label is also giving a vinyl pressing to Moneen's The Red Tree, which will come with a bonus seven-inch.

As far as ultra-rare goodies go, Wool will have dug up batch of unheard recordings called the Lost Rancho Session for an LP, plus a bonus seven-inch. There's also a split single between Hamilton, ON's Monster Truck and Australia's DZ Deathrays. Lastly, the Civil Wars will drop the eight-song Live at Amoeba EP on CD.

For folks outside of Canada who won't be able to pick up copies in stores, a limited number of each release will be available from Dine Alone's website starting at 8 p.m. EST on April 21.

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