Deerhoof Plot Worldwide Leak of Deerhoof vs. Evil

> Nov 02 2010

Deerhoof Plot Worldwide Leak of Deerhoof vs. Evil
By Josiah HughesWe weren't joking when we said it was going to be exceedingly difficult to remember all of the free weekly downloads from our favourite artists. From Kanye's G.O.O.D. Fridays to Timbo Thursdays and Wu Wednesdays, the rap world is building a monopoly on our daily download schedules. Now, experimental rockers Deerhoof are joining the fun with a slow leak of their upcoming album, Deerhoof vs. Evil.

They're calling it the "Deerhoof vs. Evil Global Album Leak," whereby a new track from the album will hit the Web once a week until its January 25 release date via Polyvinyl. A different album track will be available from a different music site across the world. Rather than stick to one day, the tracks will pop up on different days of the week as the process goes on.

The whole thing might sound a little confusing, but a useful map depicting where to look for the tracks and when they will be available can be seen here. Exclaim! will give you the album's second last track, "I Did Crimes for You," on January 19.

So far, two tracks from the album have been leaked, "Super Duper Rescue Heads!" which can be heard below, and "The Merry Barracks," which can be streamed here.

Deerhoof have also recently announced a string of upcoming U.S. tour dates, which you can see here

Deerhoof - Super Duper Rescue Heads ! by Polyvinyl Records
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deerhoof rulez!! ! !!! !! ! ! ! ! !!!!
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But what happened to I did Crimes for you??????????????
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I am thoroughly enjoying this album and have pre-ordered it already!

Also the whole album has already 'leaked' so I don't know what this is all about.
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